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Fitness for 40 Plus

30 Day Money Back Guarantee On Classes

— Andy H., Portland, OR


— Phil C., Portland, OR

"DYAD Fitness has the best trainers ever!  I am 64 years old and they train me as an athlete not a geriatric.

Their in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy and muscle development allows them to design a training program that fits my individual needs and goals.

Especially important for me is that they train with a vigilant eye for technique coupled with an inexhaustible source of supportive good will.

Even after two back operations (one when I was in my 20s and the other when in my 40s) I have spent most my adult life in varying degrees of lower back pain, getting up in the mornings always consisted of several hours of painfully warming up my back.  Since training with DYAD Fitness I wake up pain free !! Truly a gift.

Without hesitation I would recommend DYAD Fitness as your go to trainers."

— Michael L., Portland, OR

— Charlotte B., Portland, OR

 "DYAD Fitness are phenomenal personal trainers. They had me in the best condition in my adult life. I recommend them very highly. They are no nonsense and you should expect to work and achieve goals you thought impossible."

​— Patrick N., Portland, OR

— Joan H., Portland, OR

"DYAD Fitness have the best trainers/teachers I have ever met. They embody the dictum "leadership by example." They have inspired me to attain a remarkable level of fitness. DYAD Fitness focuses on the entire body by promoting strength, flexibility and stamina. Group classes are fun and individual training is at the highest professional level. Get moving! You'll be glad you did."

— Doug M., Portland OR

"The trainers at DYAD Fitness have great attitude (good attitude). They are fun, and encourages the trainee to perform at their maximum. I've really enjoyed having them as my personal trainers."

​​— Tom H., Portland, OR

— Carson H., Portland, OR

"Real results speak volumes. With DYAD's coaching I have lost 20 lb., regained agility and strength, increased muscle mass and reduced my cholesterol and blood pressure. They are well read and learned in the science behind their methods and keeps it all interesting for their clients. I would highly recommend DYAD Fitness for anyone trying to turn the ship around, or to challenge themselves further."

​​​— Derek R., Portland, OR

— Wendy M., Portland, OR

"DYAD's training has been so helpful in improving my self-image, posture, flexibility and overall strength.  They seems to know just what I need and how to get me there."

— Karen K., Portland, OR

"DYAD's skill as trainers are marvelous-- they can cover all types of training to keep you in shape.  Now that I have moved away, I have to train with multiple trainers to cover what I did with DYAD Fitness alone-- strength, flexibility, core stability, etc."

— Enid L., Portland, OR

"I feel like I've gained 10 years of youthfulness within the first 2 months of training with DYAD Fitness.  They gently helped me change my stiff mid-age body into a stronger, more flexible vehicle to play and live in.  DYAD is a joy to work with."

— Amerinda A., Portland, OR

"I came to DYAD Fitness in very bad physical shape.  When I was a teenager I was very athletic but hadn't exercised in years.  I was concerned that a trainer would force me into a routine that was good for someone else and not for me.  DYAD drew upon a vast knowledge of skills and challenged me in ways which always surprised me.  My body was transformed and I lost 2 dress sizes.  I have never had so much energy and I feel stronger and more vibrant."

— Melissa N., Portland, OR

"I went to DYAD Fitness bored with the usual training, classes and gym.  My experience with past trainers was that they have one method of training and give a version of that to everyone.  Not only did DYAD tailor my exercises to my specific needs and ability, but it was also fun.  My workouts never got stagnant and were always challenging.  I'm sorry that I moved cross country and I lost them as a trainer."

— Samuel R., Lake Oswego, OR

"My fiancé has been working out at DYAD Fitness for several months now. His shoulders were in pain for years and now he is almost completely pain-free. Really grateful for such amazing results. My fiancé says his workouts are tough and so worth it! Thank you, DYAD Fitness!"

— Paula W., Portland OR