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Small Group Personal Training 

Intro: 4 Sessions $160/pp

Start your own group with friends and family (min 3 people, max 6)

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Each Group:

Minimum 3, Maximum 6 people (men and women) per group.

Small group personal training is a strength training program designed for those who prefer to train with others and share the cost of a personal trainer. You will get leaner and stronger. You will be lead thru a warm-up, and weightlifting exercises as a small cohesive group.The group will meet two times each week.  Each training session will focus on three major muscle groups (Chest, Back and Legs). Other muscle groups will be strengthened as they assist with each compound lift (utilizing multiple joint lifts).

The Advantages to Group Personal Training

The obvious advantage of group personal training as compared to one-on-one training is the cost. For years my clients were paying me roughly $750 to $1,000 a month for one-on-one training.

In addition to cost savings, with small group personal training you get the added benefit of training with your best friend(s), or  workout partner and making new friends. There is more energy in a group setting and a lot more fun.