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Personal Training

Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

Not getting the results you want?
Need motivation?
Training for a special event?
Bored with your routine?
Need a new, challenging workout?

How can a Personal Trainer help me?

Create Individual Exercise Plans
Provide Daily/Weekly Motivation
Fitness/Health Goal Setting
Weight Loss/Gain Plans

What Is Personal Training

Personal training is one-on-one instruction that incorporates exercise screening, goal-setting and health education. Following a fitness consultation, the trainer will design a challenging workout routine specifically designed for each individual’s needs. Your personal trainer is there to instruct you on proper lifting techniques, introduce you to exercises that target your specific goals and motivate you towards your full potential.

What to Expect From Your First 2-3 Months of Strength Training

Strength training improves communication between the brain and muscle fibers, resulting in improvements in strength and exercise performance. Untrained individuals are only using a portion of their current potential.

For example, imagine that you come to the gym three times a week and do the same routine every time, which is something we see all the time.  You can chest press 50 pounds, and it feels pretty hard to you.  But your body has become very efficient at lifting 50 pounds.  Your brain knows exactly how many individual muscle fibers in your chest, arms, and shoulders to recruit, in exactly what sequence, and becomes very efficient at using only those muscle fibers and leaves the rest in reserve.  If you were to lift a heavier load—say, 60 pounds—you'd send that neurologically efficient system into a tailspin.  Your brain would try to find new muscle fibers to lift those extra pounds, typically more than necessary.  Eventually, you’d develop mechanical efficiency at 60 pounds, too, and would need fewer muscle fibers to accomplish the task and more would be left in reserve for even heavier loads until your body decides that new muscle has to be created in order to meet the new demand.  But that’s getting ahead of ourselves here!

This process will continue with every muscle group and every lift until you achieve peak nuero-muscular adaptation in all muscle groups—as long as you keep progressing. For most untrained people, this process can take up to 12 weeks.

The weeks, months, years following this initial phase leads to long-term physiological changes in the body—you become leaner, stronger, healthier, and happier.

For help in developing a personalized exercise plan, contact us.

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