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Fitness for 40 Plus

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Strength & Cardio Circuit: The circuit is supervised by nationally certified trainers, and usually consists of 7-9 stations that change daily, and are performed until time runs out (30-35 minutes). They are self-paced; meaning you go at your own speed; no one ever feels left behind or held back. Suitable for all fitness levels; beginner to advanced students.

Metabolic Conditioning  (aka MetCon): This is different from our circuit class. The MetCons are designed to rev up your metabolism and burn calories. This class utilizes the many types of intervals and combinations of exercises to elicit a metabolic response. You'll still go at your own individual fitness level, but the weights can get heavier than in the circuit class, and you'll go faster, and the sweat is more free flowing. Suitable for all fitness levels; intermediate to advanced students.

Weightlifting for Beginners:This class focuses on powerlifting (deadlift, bench press, and back squats), however we include other lifts . Heavy weight training has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men. Another benefit of powerlifting is strengthening your skeleton. Loss of bone strength affects both men and women as you age, but is more common in women than in men. Resistance training increases both bone mineral density and lean muscle mass.

Flexibility & Stretch: This class will improve flexibility, and reduces joint and muscle pain. This class is a fusion of classical stretches, yoga stretch and and more advanced techniques that release and restore stiff tired muscle tissue. Suitable for all fitness levels; beginner to advanced students.


Yoga for Strength & Balance: This class uses yoga poses to improve strength and balance. Instead of Vinyasa's or flow yoga, the instructor will guide you thru a series of poses to open up your mind and engage your body's own energy as you progress. You will become more comfortable in the poses as your body opens up and gets use to the different poses. Your balance will improve the more you practice the yoga balance poses.