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Fitness for 40 Plus

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Mission: to provide the most effective training in a self-paced format that improves all aspects of life in a fun non-judgmental fitness community.

At Fitness for 40 Plus we specialize in health and fitness for all ages and fitness levels. Our focus is the development of skeletal and muscular strength to increase functional speed and power at any age whether you are 40 or 80.

We facilitate good posture through the development of joint stability and alignment of supporting muscles. By un-learning dysfunctional movement and re-training muscles to their proper functional length, we help accomplish greater ease of movement.

Fitness for 40 Plus maximizes the benefits of traditional strength training protocols by combining it with a regimen of an interval and body weight training along with mobility and flexibility.

All of our clients aspire to enjoy the best quality of life possible by becoming more active and fit!

Are you looking for:

1) a fun place to exercise?

2) a friendly small exercise group classes (4-8 people)?

3) an exercise program that is designed for you and not 20 or 30 year olds?

          a) a fun self-paced circuit bootcamp?

          b) a yoga/balance class for the less flexible, over 40 types?

          c) a cardio (metabolic) class that is easy to follow?

          d) a stretch class that doesn't try to break you in half?

At DYAD Fitness (aka, Fitness for 40 Plus), we have designed four fun formats to help you reach your health and fitness goals. These classes are designed for the those who: 1) want to get back their former athletic bodies, 2) want to attain a high level of fitness and athleticism, 3) and want to maintain it for the rest of their lives. These classes are designed to get you into the best shape of your life.

Our classes offer complete fitness conditioning for everyone.  We have gathered the best exercises from the best fitness styles available.  From functional sports and body-weight moves, standing and mat Pilates, Olympic and power lifting, and Yoga.  There are no movement patterns which aren't improved.

Our classes are always varied; we change them every day so you won't do the same workout twice, and we make them accessible to everyone with expert attention to all our participants.

We are a family owned and operated non-corporate, non-franchised studio. Our cheerful space promotes friendly interaction with a community vibe; everyone knows everybody by name, and classes are limited to 8-10. You'll never be lost in the crowd.

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